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Accessory Dwelling Unit

Building a guest home, or accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is becoming more prevalent in California than ever before. The high price of real estate has produced a challenging environment for many retiring baby boomers or millennials starting their careers. ADU’s are helping families help there loves ones at home while also increasing equity in their home. Our team of experts brings the knowledge and real life experience to your door step.

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Our ADU team consist of:


General Contractor


Construction Consultant







As a design build company we believe it’s all about making things simple. Construction doesn’t have to be difficult and frustrating. We use the latest construction software program to make every step easy and less complicated. Our clients are able to log in to review, estimates, invoices, schedules, pictures and change orders, and contracts. Everything is at your fingertips. Our General contractor, consultant and/or project managers do daily job site visit to make sure every step of the job is adhering to the highest building standard. We always go beyond the norm. We don’t settle for good, we push for excellence.

We have simplified the process for you in 6 simple steps.

  1. Initial Job Site Visit by General Contractor & Consultant.
  2. Design & Structural Agreement is signed
  3. Design & Engineering plans sent to homeowner for approval
  4. Plans are submitted to the City for approval
  5. Building permits are issued
  6. Construction process begins

The entire process from first site visit to beginning the construction takes approximately 6 months. The actual construction of the ADU takes on average 6 months. From start to finish you will have it completed in 12 months.

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