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Focil Construction specializes in residential and commercial construction projects. We have the staff, the experience, and the expertise to get any construction job done (residential or commercial) ahead of schedule and under budget. Focil Construction is rapidly growing in popularity throughout Ventura County and Los Angeles County because of the quality of work we do, the affordable rates we offer, and because we operate with integrity and transparency at all times. For these reasons and others, Focil Construction is quickly being recognized as the best Agoura construction company.

Residential Construction Projects

Operating with the reputation of being the best Agoura construction company, Focil Construction works hard every day to maintain a stellar public image. The cornerstone of our success is quality. In a residential setting, as in a commercial environment, it is important to research who you are hiring for your construction project to ensure quality. Not only quality of work but also the quality of character. You don't want to let just anyone off the streets into your home. Most Agoura construction companies don't have the rigorous application/interview criteria we do. We won't let anyone in your house we wouldn't trust in our mothers' homes.

Commercial Construction Projects

While the core principles are the same for residential and commercial construction projects- honesty, quality, and affordability- operating in a commercial setting are different than operating in a residential environment. Focil Construction understands that when we are working in your establishment, we are an extension of your establishment. For that reason, we place considerable emphasis on training all of our employees on how to deal with our clients, our clients' employees, and our clients' customers. More importantly, Focil Construction is continually training and educating our team regarding the newest laws, the particulars of each project, and interpersonal skills.

Window Installation by Focil Construction

Upgrade your windows this summer with window installation from Focil Construction, the best Agoura construction company. Make your home more attractive and more energy efficient with customized windows from the industry's top brands. Choose a window color and style that matches every room in your house, and we'll install them for quickly and cheaply. Choose from a variety of windows that best suits your tastes:

  • Aluminum
    Awning windows
    Bay windows
    Casement windows
    Double Hung
    Energy efficient windows
    Garden windows
    Single Hung
    Vinyl windows

Contact Focil Construction today to learn more about windows or to set up a free window installation consultation. We also work with insurance companies.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

There comes a time when that old kitchen and bathroom need to be remodeled. You likely want to update your kitchen and bathroom to make it more attractive, more modern, and more functional. Who do you turn to? Trust one of the best Agoura construction company, Focil Construction. When you choose us to remodel your kitchen bathroom and kitchen, you get excellent service and a lifetime warranty on all of our products. Further, we can have you in a new kitchen or bathroom in as little as a day.

Agoura Construction Company

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