Have you been thinking about a bathroom remodeling project? A lot of people are doing that, these days. According to home improvement experts, a bathroom refurb is one of the most popular home improvement projects there is. There are some easy upgrades, such as painting and changing cabinet pulls that you may be able to do all by yourself. For other bathroom remodel projects, you'll probably want to hire an experienced local remodeling professional such as Focil Construction.

Factors to consider before doing a bath remodel

1. Who will be using the bathroom?

Is your refreshed bath to be used by one or two adults? Or, is your revamped bath going to be utilized by small children who need assistance? Do you intend to let guests and visitors use the bathroom? Will you ever need to bathe a dog in the tub? These are all important questions to ask yourself before hiring any company that offers Agoura Hills bathroom remodeling, explains Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

2. How will the bath be used?

Do you need a vanity area where you can sit and put on makeup in the morning? Do you need a shaving mirror? Do you plan to install laundry machines in the room? Would you rather take a shower or a bath? Do you like both? Would a twin shower make the best use of your bathroom space?

3. What will be stored in your remodeled bathroom?

Some people like having a linen closet in the bathroom so that they can store towels, shampoos, tissue and cleaning supplies close to where they are needed. Other people prefer a minimalist bath that boasts nothing but the essentials. Still, others ask us to install a vanity with drawer storage that makes it easy to find, use and stash all of your bathroom accessories. Focil Construction will listen to your ideas; then we'll work together to come up with an Agoura Hills bathroom remodeling design that suits your purposes perfectly.

Let there be lighting

You might be surprised at how recessed lighting can improve your bathroom. Have your contractor install a dimmer switch, so you can adjust the brightness to match your activity. Proper lighting is a must-have in a bath where you apply cosmetics or shave. For a relaxing evening bath, you may wish to lower the lights to create the ideal ambiance. Have you ever considered adding a window to your shower? If done the right way, a frosted glass shower window with watertight stone jambs can be a great feature, explains Forbes magazine. Of course, we are an Agoura Hills bathroom remodeling contractor who can manage every aspect of your upgrade.

A bathroom remodel can improve so many parts of your day. If the morning 'get-read' rush is driving your family batty, dial (818) 472-0602 and ask us about adding a new bath today. We've helped a lot of Agoura Hills families fall in love with their house again.

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