What to Look For in a General Contractor in Calabasas

A homeowner shopping for a qualified General Contractor faces the daunting task of selecting the best one who will do a good job at a fair price. After the search is narrowed to a few choices the process is simply a job interview. You will look for a professional demeanor as well as checking out references and prior work. You will keep an eye out for any warning signs that suggest you not work with a particular General Contractor such as a messy or dirty office or a receptionist who needs improvement with customer service skills.

The Lure of DIY

Located in Calabasas, California is the General Contractor for Focil Construction Inc. They specialize in Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, and Total Home Remodeling. They can add a room to your house and if you are a house “flipper” needing help to get the building up to do code then Focil Construction can assist with that as well.

The biggest temptation for any homeowner facing a remodeling task is to try to make it a Do it Yourself (DIY) job. This may be the best way to go if the job is merely to paint the walls and ceiling and change the decor with new wall hangings. The homeowner might even be qualified to put down new tile flooring or even re-face cabinets. But, for any projects involving electrical wiring, plumbing and gas fixtures, the homeowner is well advised to hire a professional.

A kitchen remodel will require a general contractor in Calabasas who is an expert with installing new cabinets, replacing a countertop, putting down a new floor and electrical wiring for new appliances. If the new countertop is to be granite or quartz, the existing support structure may not be able to handle the weight of the slab and will need added bracing or a total replacement.

With a bathroom remodel regular drywall is not a good material because it is poor at resisting moisture. Any qualified general contractor in Calabasas will know to use greenboard (drywall treated with a wax film to provide some moisture resistance) for the bathroom walls and bluewall (plasterboard) for the shower and bath walls that will come into direct contact with water. A DIYer may not know these tricks of the trade.

Start with a Phone Call

Providing quality work at an affordable price are at the core of Focil Construction’s design and construction. They focus on the details of any job and strive to exceed expectations with every project large or small. They will be happy to give you a free estimate and consult you on the options available for that dream kitchen or a spare bedroom. All you need to do is call Focil Construction at 818-836-2204 or use the online form to send them a message.

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