Top Remodeling Projects Better Left to a General Contractor in Westlake Village

The results of the HomeAdvisor’s 2018 True Cost Survey revealed how more and more people are into home remodeling and improvement projects. In fact, about 67 percent of respondents are planning to spend at $6, 649 or even more on home improvement projects in the coming months.

It is important to note that not only is the number of home improvement ventures rising but the number of people opting to do the work themselves. Instead of getting the services of a general contractor in Westlake Village, many are getting into the DIY fad even if the results are often disastrous.

While there are certain home projects that you can do yourself if you have basic skills and experience, most projects should be carried out by professionals like our team at Focil Construction Inc., a leader in general contracting and home remodeling services. Here are the top home remodeling works that you should never do yourself:

  • Bathroom Remodeling

If you think that upgrading your bathroom simply means buying tiles, sink, tub, and toilet bowl in matching designs and colors, you are merely focusing on aesthetics. Keep in mind that what goes on behind your bathroom is much more important than the items you can see.

You can never carry out a bathroom remodeling project without touching your home plumbing system. Whether you are installing a sink faucet or a new bathtub, you need professionals to carry out the work. Every plumbing component should be properly installed as it can cause a water leak, structural damage, mold, or mildew.

  • Home Electrical Job

If your home remodeling project requires working with electricity, you should never take your chances and do the work yourself. Instead of risking your life, you should just leave the job to trained professionals. Hiring a general contractor in Westlake Village, like us at Focil, means you can rely on us to get the job done and handle all necessary permits and inspection.

  • Demolition Work

Even if you find using a sledgehammer “cool”, you should never attempt to knock down a wall or ceiling on your own. There is more to your home than what meets the eye. It would be extremely dangerous if you hit an electrical wiring or plumbing hidden behind the walls of your room.

While you may find tearing down walls exciting, there are potential hazards that untrained people like you can easily encounter. Led paint dust, asbestos, electrocution, water pipe bursting, are just some of the risks.

  • Roof Repairs

If you are planning a roof repair or upgrade, it is better to let professionals like us handle it. Even if you do not have any fear of heights, climbing up and doing roof repair work is highly dangerous. Statistics show that many people get injured or even die falling off the roof.

The items above are just some of the many home remodeling works that you should never do on your own. If you want a successful home improvement project, it is safer and more cost-efficient to hire our team at Focil Construction.

We have been building custom residences and renovating homes for years. We are known for our superior work, excellent customer service, and competitive prices. Call us today for a free quote.

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