Types of Thousand Oaks Home Addition

There are several types of home additions that could solve homeowner’s desire for style, living space, and cost. Home additions range from do-it-yourself rooms that are low-cost to costly full-size additions. The most important element in achieving your ideal home addition project is to hire a trusted contractor. If you are planning to have a Thousand Oaks home addition, you may come and visit us at Focil Construction.

Here are some of the most basic home addition types by most homeowners to get the additional space they want.

Conventional Type

This type of home addition is a multi-room construction made into the side of the house. This could be permanently open to the main part of the house. A perfectly made conventional type home addition seamlessly mixes and becomes the house. Although may be costly, a full-size home addition usually yields high value with regards to the cost of the building.

This type of project typically takes a long time. It is sometimes considered by others as building a small house since it is loaded with all of the accessories of a house.

Bump Out or Room Addition Type

This type of home addition is a lone structure made on the side of a house. It usually built to serve a single purpose like a bathroom or a bedroom. There are times when a bump out is made to extend the size of the room of a particular house. It could be an additional 50 square feet integrated into your kitchen so you can fit an island. This type typically lays down a new roofline.

The bump out or room addition type is much cheaper in cost compared to the full-size or conventional type of home additions. Building this also requires permits, codes, and a local inspection team.

Sunroom Type

This type is a home addition typically added to the side of the house as supplementary to the living room area. Sunrooms come with doors and are usually closed off from the main portion of the house. This type is not an option to a conventional home addition. They are smaller in terms of size and are usually made of pre-fabricated materials and formed together on-site.

In many instances, this type of addition is not utilized for sleeping. This type of addition does not entail air conditioning or heating.

Garage Conversion Type

This type of home addition is a vehicle garage and integrated with floors to transform it into a living room or space. A ceiling is also installed and the garage door is substituted by a thick wall. Most often, garage conversion type of Thousand Oaks home addition is converted into living areas. Usually, garage conversions become living rooms or bedrooms.

This type of home addition has some disadvantages. It can be hard to functionally and visually combine with the overall look of the entire house. Main systems like HVAC and plumbing are usually not in place. As a result, you will need to install these systems. Also, garage conversions do not boost the resale value of the house. Houses that have no garages are also difficult to sell.

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