Accomplish Flawless Home Addition with the Help of a Westlake Village Home Addition Contractor

A home addition is a fantastic way to make more space in your home usable. It is also a great way to maximize the resale value of your home. In order to achieve this, you have to hire the right home addition contractor to execute your plans. If you are looking for a Westlake Village home addition contractor, visit us at Focil Construction.

When planning a home addition, it is important that you make a space that flawlessly goes with the existing style and design of your home. But, how do you achieve that?

You can combine decorative stuff and furnishings that contrast design styles, colors, or patterns. However, the construction and design must make your newly integrated space appear as if it was a part of the original design. Here is a rundown on the ways to make a flawless look with your home addition project.

Determine Your Purpose

Before digging into the new project, ask yourself first what would you like to achieve the new addition. Adding a new room that you will only use once or twice a month sounds very impractical and unrealistic.

Contemplate on the Addition’s Roof Line

If you are planning to add on the second floor or you want to place a home addition on a bungalow home or a single-story, it is important to consider the pitches and the roof line that exists. The additional space should follow the lines of the present roof for balance and symmetry purposes.

Produce Steady Floor Height

Another important factor to consider when doing home addition is the floor height through the entire space. There are several situations where detaching old tile or subfloor will make sure that the new flooring is even with the rest of the rooms. In tiles or wood planks, the process of toothing assists in connecting the newly integrated space with a cohesive effect.

Blend the Exterior Elements

In addition to the roofline, it is equally important to look for shingles, brick, and windows that match. This way, you can achieve a uniform appearance to the exterior part of your abode. Since aluminum siding is not available, the project may entail re-siding of the whole home in vinyl siding.

Match the Trim Details of the Interior

Aside from the exterior, it is also important to maintain the consistency and harmony of the existing space inside the house. Match the trim profiles, the texture of the ceiling, flooring, and paint to the original or current color.

Be Practical

If you are planning to achieve a more spacious kitchen, is it a practical way to integrate a new space or, would it be smarter and cost-efficient to just redesign the current kitchen to maximize the space? Simply removing walls could give you the space that you would like to achieve without really spending much.

Just like any other projects, it is important to step back a little and plan first so you can optimize the result. By concentrating on the fine details, you can make a new home addition that matches your preference seamlessly. If you have any plans of doing a home addition project, reach us today at Focil Construction, Westlake Village home addition contractor. We have a proven track record in terms of style, craftsmanship, and quality. You may call us at (818) 472-0602 or send us an email for inquiries.

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